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SOCHI / 2019

Ice Cube

On December 7, the winner of the All-Union Sambo Cup in the absolute weight category was determined in Sochi. They became a Belarusian athlete Yuri Rybak. The second place was taken by an athlete from Russia Arthur Khaptsev. The champion of the Absolute Cup in 2018, Belarusian Andrei Kazusyonok, this year shared the third place with Russian sambist Vyacheslav Mikhaylin.

The tournament was held in the “Ice Cube” arena in Sochi with the participation of 16 best sambo wrestlers in the absolute weight category from 13 countries, including world champions, Europe, Russia and Belarus.

“Our main goal is the development of our favorite sport. Those who are not honored masters who have vast experience, knowledge and skills could pass them on to our children, ”Vladimir Yaprintsev, president of the Athletes Association“ We are from Sambo, ”told reporters.

Before the competition, the legendary sambo veterans for two days held master classes, meetings with young athletes and autograph sessions. The second tournament was organized by the association of athletes “We are from Sambo” with the support of the International and All-Russian Sambo Federations, Sambo and Judo Federations of the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi, the administrations of the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi.

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How it was in 2018:

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“WE ARE FROM SAMBO” is a unique project uniting all lovers of this martial art.

The association includes honored athletes, veterans who have dedicated their lives to sambo, active athletes, coaches and those who cannot live without sambo. The president of the Association is the legendary sambo wrestler, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, multiple champion of the USSR, Europe and the world - Vladimir Yaprintsev. The board of trustees is a statesman, philanthropist and passionate sambo fan Chairman of the Board of the All-Russian Public Organization “Association of Lawyers of Russia” - Vladimir Gruzdev.

“WE ARE BORN FROM SAMBO” is another public organization that, together with the International and All-Russian Sambo Federations, aims to popularize and develop sambo, protect the rights and interests of its members, and transfer the experience of young people. The main objectives of the Association include: popularization of sambo through third-party and own media resources, transfer of knowledge from the legends of the sambo world to children in the form of master classes, to promote affordable communication between athletes, coaches, leaders of federations and NGOs of the sambo community in the territories of the former USSR and the world, organization and holding of sporting events.

“WE ARE FROM SAMBO” - these are already actively operating representative offices in Russia (Moscow, Far Eastern District, Kaliningrad Region), Ukraine, Belarus.

You can become a member of the Association today. Read about how to join the Athletes Association “IZSAMBO”. here